New Textures For An Old Spaceship

New Textures For An Old Spaceship

While prototyping and deciding on the look of the environment for the space RTS I'm working on, I needed more spaceships to test lighting, post process effects, shadows, etc. To do this, I needed to update the textures on the first model I ever fully completed. You can view a render above and the actual 3D spaceship model on Sketchfab below:

This model most likely won't be used in the actual game due to some geometry issues, but it's been useful for prototyping. I've already concept-sketched an upgraded version of the spaceship which should improve on the look.

I'm still in the process of programming the procedural loading code for the environment for things like the skybox, lighting, flares, nebulae, galaxies, starfields, suns, planets, moons, asteroids, fog, etc. This is also while doing lots of code refactoring to make maintenance and updating easier.

My goal is to constantly keep the project updated with the latest versions of Unity so that I can always take advantage of the latest features of the engine. This means participating in beta releases of Unity. The drawback of this is spending time tracking down bugs only to realize those bugs are in the Unity betas and not the game. At least Unity has been great with testing and fixing their bugs lately, which means every bug report I submit leads to a better stable engine for me as well.

After the environment, my next task will be to completely overhaul the turret and weapon systems.