TuriyaWare.com Launches!

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TuriyaWare.com, the website for video game development company TuriyaWare, has just launched! Our plans are to offer games for Windows, Mac, and Linux, an active blog, which will cover all aspects of game development, and updates on games that are currently in the making. We’d like for TuriyaWare.com to be a place not only for people who enjoy TuriyaWare games, but also for aspiring game developers to learn a thing or two. As we are relatively new to game development, we will be sharing the trials, tribulations, and successes we face in our journey, as well as providing information and reviews on the tools we are using.

The website is still in development, and there’s still a lot to do, but most of the systems are already in place. If you have any questions or comments, you can register to post comments on this blog, participate in the forums, or contact us by email. We look forward to providing lots of entertainment for you in the times ahead, and hope you become a part of our community.

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