A Solution To Unity’s Camera.WorldToScreenPoint Causing UI Elements To Display When Object Is Behind The Camera

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If you’ve ever worked with Camera.WorldToScreenPoint to get object positions on the screen from their world space positions, and then displayed some sort of UI element on it, you may have noticed that when your camera faces away from the objects, you still get your UI element displaying on the screen. This is due to Camera.WorldToScreenPoint using an infinite line through … Read More

RTS Drag Selection Box Using Unity’s New GUI

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Work is already underway on a prototype of Astra, a space strategy game that I’m currently building. Using the Unity Game Engine, I’ve been prototyping turret functionality, a camera control system, and a unit selection system. Originally, I was using PlayMaker’s visual scripting FSM system, which was quite fun and easy to use. However, there were some things which I felt could … Read More