Working With Articy Draft 2

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I heard about Articy:Draft as a game design tool about a year or so ago on the Unity forums. After seeing it on sale on Steam at that time, I went ahead and bought version 1. I tinkered around with it a little as a game design document tool for my first experimental game, but since that game was so simple, Articy seemed a little … Read More

Developing Game Systems

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Work is well underway on the tactical space strategy game I’m currently developing. In regards to the selection system from the previous post, I ran into another problem that I was thankfully able to solve due to some Unity community members. It turned out to be a bug in one of the later betas that I reported and which the Unity … Read More

RTS Drag Selection Box Using Unity’s New GUI

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Work is already underway on a prototype of Astra, a space strategy game that I’m currently building. Using the Unity Game Engine, I’ve been prototyping turret functionality, a camera control system, and a unit selection system. Originally, I was using PlayMaker’s visual scripting FSM system, which was quite fun and easy to use. However, there were some things which I felt could … Read More

Plastic SCM and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Tutorial

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(Update: Oct. 2, 2015) PlasticSCM has a new hosted cloud solution called Plastic Cloud. It’s free and in beta right now, but there will be paid tiers later. Also, please keep in mind that this tutorial was written over a year ago, and since I’m using Plastic Cloud and GitSync with Visual Studio Online now, I haven’t tried setting up an Azure … Read More

Using Git With Plastic SCM and Visual Studio Online

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I had never heard of version control before I started delving into game development. After playing around with it for a bit, I realized how powerful it is and what a life-saver it can be. On the Unity forums, there is a great thread about version control and why it’s useful for game development. This blog post will not be about why … Read More

File Hosting Services for Distributing Your Game

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When it’s time to distribute your free desktop game or public beta to the world, you’ll need to find some method to distribute your files from your website. Here are some services, in no particular order, which are good candidates for file hosting and distribution. Some will allow you to link to files directly from your website, and others require you to go offsite. It’s … Read More

Finding The Right Hosting For Indie Game Developers

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As I have benefited greatly from many resources on the internet, I’d like to “pay it forward” so to speak by sharing some of the things I’ve discovered so far in my journey as an indie game developer. To kick off the blog, I’d like to provide one method of finding the right web hosting for a game developer’s needs. … Read More Launches!

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