Planet Shader WIP

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Just a month ago, I decided to start learning about shaders in depth. There’s a wealth of free resources one can learn from online. Above is a WIP of some planet shaders I’m almost finished with. I’ve bought a lot of amazing planet assets over the years from the Unity Asset Store with the intent to use them in my … Read More

2017 So Far

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Ok, so it’s been around 10 months since my last post, but I’ve been working on the game full-time. Here’s a screenshot of some orientation lines (no AA yet, hence the jaggies) in the battle UI  used for giving movement orders. A large part of the beginning of 2017 had been spent on UI design, functionality, and audio. A framework … Read More

New Textures For An Old Spaceship

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While prototyping and deciding on the look of the environment for the space RTS I’m working on, I needed more spaceships to test lighting, post process effects, shadows, etc. To do this, I needed to update the textures on the first model I ever fully completed. You can view a render above and the actual 3D spaceship model on Sketchfab below: … Read More

The Quest For A Resolution Independent UI In Unity

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Update Feb. 3, 2017: I’ve updated the post to reflect more testing and newer methods to attain resolution independence in Unity. Original post: Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve come to realize that developing a truly resolution independent user interface is not easy, especially for desktops and laptops. I’ve read a lot of posts and tutorials online, experimented with various methods, … Read More

A Solution To Unity’s Camera.WorldToScreenPoint Causing UI Elements To Display When Object Is Behind The Camera

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If you’ve ever worked with Camera.WorldToScreenPoint to get object positions on the screen from their world space positions, and then displayed some sort of UI element on it, you may have noticed that when your camera faces away from the objects, you still get your UI element displaying on the screen. This is due to Camera.WorldToScreenPoint using an infinite line through … Read More

Creating A Moddable Unity Game

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I love games that are moddable. I don’t usually mod games until after I’ve experienced the vanilla version of the game the way the devs intended. If I do use or create a mod, it’s usually to balance the game a certain way, or to improve on or add features to enhance my enjoyability of the game. I used to … Read More

Procedural Loading In Unity

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(Updated: Feb. 25, 2016) The blog post below is now outdated because multi-scene editing has been added in Unity 5.3. I am now using a single root scene which loads additively and unloads scenes according to what is needed, which makes things a lot easier to prototype and manage. There is no longer any need for Don’tDestroyOnLoad. This is the tip I’m using … Read More

Building a Camera System for Unity

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Although I haven’t posted to this DevBlog recently, work is very much underway on the tactical space RTS. Recently, I implemented a full camera system for the battle portion of the game and wanted to share my thoughts on it here. Originally, I had intended to use and stick with camera assets from the Unity Asset Store. After becoming more … Read More

Developing Game Systems

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Work is well underway on the tactical space strategy game I’m currently developing. In regards to the selection system from the previous post, I ran into another problem that I was thankfully able to solve due to some Unity community members. It turned out to be a bug in one of the later betas that I reported and which the Unity … Read More

RTS Drag Selection Box Using Unity’s New GUI

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Work is already underway on a prototype of Astra, a space strategy game that I’m currently building. Using the Unity Game Engine, I’ve been prototyping turret functionality, a camera control system, and a unit selection system. Originally, I was using PlayMaker’s visual scripting FSM system, which was quite fun and easy to use. However, there were some things which I felt could … Read More