About TuriyaWare

TuriyaWare is an independent video game development company based in Southern California. Founded in 2014, TuriyaWare primarily focuses on creating immersive titles for PCs.

The translation of the Sanskrit word turiya is “fourth.” It is a word used to describe the fourth state of consciousness, also known as the super-conscious state, the no-mind state, or enlightenment. TuriyaWare’s goals are to provide fulfilling experiences and engaging gameplay.

The first major release of the company will be the upcoming game Astra, a tactical space RTS.

The TuriyaWare Team

Founder & Developer

Sean Kumar


Having enjoyed computer games since the time of the Commodore 64 and Apple IIe, Sean recently decided to venture into game development as a new avenue of creativity. A vocalist, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer, Sean draws inspiration from his time in India meditating and studying Eastern philosophy. He now focuses on programming and developing rich, immersive games for others to enjoy.